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Snorkeling Kona

Snorkeling in Kona is a blast aboard our newest boat – The Maheli Heli.


– Our Goal –

Providing you the best snorkeling experience possible.

What’s Included in Your Tour


Snorkel, Mask, Fins and wetsuit is included.


Light snacks are included in your tour.


A warm fresh shower awaits your exit from the water.


We provide the experience you’re family enjoys the fun!

– Family Fun! –

Memories for the family to last a lifetime.

– Additional Information –

Read more about this amazing experience.

About Snorkeling in Kona:

This is an Ocean Snorkel Adventure: Few places in the world can offer the wide variety of sea life encounters, dolphins, manta rays and assorted reef fish than the majestic waters off of the Kona coast. With over 100 diverse and secured day mooring sites to choose from your snorkel excursion may never end! Our Captain and his Crews’s extensive years of experience in these local waters pays dividends to our snorkeling participants. Many surprises are store for you! Snorkeling Kona offers you the best snorkel tours and ocean creature observations in Kona. All this on our brand new eco-friendly boat the Maheli-Heli. You will enjoy total comfort and safety while taking in the splendid scenery of the Big Island, Pacific Ocean and the local Marine Life. Mahalo and Aloha!

Things to Bring

You will want to bring: swim wear, a towel, sun glasses, sunscreen and a hat as we will be on the water for several hours. Please bring any snacks and drinks if there is something special you prefer. We suggest you bring an underwater camera as well. Gratuity is not included in the price of the tour but tips are greatly appreciated.


Assorted day snacks (see above), drinks, water, ice and fresh warm water shower. Snorkel gear, fins, mask and flotation devices are also included. Special note: when booking your reservation please indicate any additional special needs you my require. We are always wanting to be as accommodating as possible as to make your trip a special and memorable one.


When snorkeling along the Kona coast, please do NOT stand on or touch the coral. You will harm this delicate animal and ultimately the entire ecosystem. Please do not feed the fish. Please look, but do not harass (touch, pet, grab, or chase) the Green Sea Turtles. They are a protected species, and a stiff penalty can result from harassment. MAHALO.

SUNSCREEN: Please use a waterproof, environmentally friendly sunscreen and apply it prior to arriving to increase its effectiveness and to reduce the amount of unabsorbed sunscreen ending up in OUR ocean. This unabsorbed sunscreen ultimately does harm to the oceans ecosystem and most importantly the marine coral LIFE.

For your convenience here is a list of the available eco-friendly sunscreens

Snorkeling Kona and its crew are proud members of the Surfrider Foundation


MASK FIT: Place mask on face where it feels comfortable. Make sure all hair is out of mask. Breathe in through your nose and see if you can create suction. Good suction means good fit.

STRAP: Place mask on your face where it feels comfortable and then pull strap over head. Keep strap high on the back of your head and above your ears. Make sure it is snug, but not too tight.

DEFOG: Squirt a couple of drops of defog solution on the inside of a dry mask and rub around. Rinse off in salt water, not fresh water. Place the mask on your face after rinsing.

MASK CLEARING: Apply pressure to top of mask, blow out your nose, and look up. With a purge mask, press on sides of mask, blow out your nose and look down.

SNORKEL FIT: Bite down gently on bite tabs and place lips over mouthpiece. The seal to keep water out is created by your lips. If you smile you will break the seal and water will come in.

SNORKEL CLEARING: It’s easy to get the water out of the snorkel. Say the word “two” with force and blast the water out the purge thru your mouth and nose.

BREATHING WITH A SNORKEL: Breath deep, slow relaxed breaths. Look out in a 45-degree angle side to side . Keep snorkel out of water.

FINS FIT: Place foot in foot pocket (there is no right or left). Stand up and lift heal up and down. If the heal stays snug the fin fits. Please do not walk around with your fins on.

KICKING: Use big slow kicks. Move your legs from your hips and bend knees only slightly. Keep fins underwater, not above water. Avoid bicycle kicking (big knees) or flutter kicking (movement at ankle). Keep arms to side and loose.

– Convenient Location –

Easy access and plenty of parking.

Overview image to orient you to our location.

Snorkeling Kona


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